labor day weekend


Hope that everyone had a great long weekend! I sure did. Well football season has officially begun, along with the beginning of fall. Friday I was sweating my butt off and yesterday morning I needed a long-sleeved shirt. Hmmm. GA weather is so strange. I just hope fall is more than 2 weeks this year. I think we went from summer right into winter last year.Ok, moving on.

Friday night I got to hang out with my old roomies. We met up and went to My Pie for dinner and headed to downtown Roswell for drinks. We found ths perfect little nook and sat outside on a swing, sipping on tropical martinis while overlooking all the town. They even had live music playing. It was so neat!  The rest of the evening was spent in dt Roswell catching up and fending off creepers.

On Saturday during the day I made some healthified cupcakes(recipe to follow), watched football and made a trip to Target. After the cupcakes were done I met up with Cathleen to go get some BBQ. We arrived back to her house just in time for kick off the Georgia game. Looks like it is going to be another pathetic season.

Sunday was one of the best rainy lazy Sundays ever. My day consisted of Dirty Dancing, Subway, cupcakes, The Break Up, more cupcakes, I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry and some Zaxby’s and Pinterest, in that order. It was awesome.


Today, Labor Day, was spent running errands with my mom and watching the weather channel. Something about bad weather makes you glue yourself to the weather channel for hours. The rain is nice change. I know our grass sure appreciates it; it’s lookin rough. This afternoon I ran out to the mall to pick up one thing and ended up with 3..4 things. My B. Hey, they were having good sales today! Anyways, it is almost time for the Bachelor Pad!! Eeek!

Healthified cupcakes

1 box yellow cake mix

1 can Diet Sprite

1 egg white

Mix all ingredients together and pour into cupcake wrappers. Bake according to directions on box. Top with whip cream or your favorite frosting. ENJOY!

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