pump it up

Happy Tuesday everyone. Hope everyone has had a wonderful week so far. We’re almost half way to the weekend! yahoo

So last night I decided I needed to get out of my gym slump. Instead of hitting up the elliptical, I ventured into body pump class. I forgot how much I enjoyed this class. Back in college, aka 1 year ago, we had the best classes at our gym in town. Ever since I have been back, I haven’t seemed to find a class I liked. Body pump was a great combination of free weights + cardio without making me feel like I was going to die. Another thing I dislike is boring slow classes… (cough) yoga. Now I know a lot of people swear by yoga, but I can’t sit still/be quiet for that long and listening to that music puts me to sleep.  I guess pump was successful on my body because my legs are screaming at me!

body pump

After pump, was the Bachelor Pad finale. All 3 freakin’ hours. You better believe I watched every second. Thank God Vienna sausage and frog boy were voted off. I couldn’t stand to listen to them one more second. Oh, and Ben’s season of the bachelor is going to be the worst ever. Why couldn’t they have picked Micheal or William? Whatever, I say this now, but I’ll probably be watching it every week.


What were your thoughts on last night’s finale?

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