group workouts rant.


Sorry in advance because I am about to go into rant mode.

First off I will touch on Body Pump.  Yes it is a wonderful class, and it makes your push yourself; however, here is what annoys that crap out of me during class.

1. Dear man behind me, why must you continue to slam your weights on the ground after every set. I am pretty sure everyone else around you has been setting them down, yes.. setting NOT slamming. Not to mention the group workout room is on the second floor. Sucks for everyone underneath us too.

2. Is it required that you be a singer to teach Body Pump? Every instructor I have ever had feels the need to belt out, Miley Cirus style during our exercises. Please stop.

Moving on to Zumba

3. Why must you make up spastic random dances that no one can follow. The point of the exercise, yes, keyword there exercise is to be constantly moving and burning calories. Wrong. Everyone in the class was standing there looking at each other like WTF is going on right now. I felt like home girl was at a dance club and we were all trying to guess what move she was going to do next. C’mon lady, atleast say something; you closing your eyes and putting your fingers to your ear like your justin beiber isn’t helping.

That is all

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