Wow, it has been an embarrassingly (real word?) long time since my last post.

I am all tired of formulating sentences after a long day of work, therefore, bullet points it is.

  • Merry almost Christmas!
  • Last night I won sports themed shot glasses at a dirty Santa. SCORE!
  • Derek comes home tomorrow!
  • I promise to never abandon my blog for that long again.
  • It is 70 degrees here in Atlanta, sure doesn’t feel like the first day of winter.
  • I am currently obsessed with laughing cow Swiss cheese.
  • I wish the real world had Christmas breaks. 1 day doesn’t count
  • Looking in the mirror and admiring my Casper like skin becomes harder and harder every morning.
  • … Just bought a Groupon for a $15 spray tan (hope I don’t turn out looking like I roller in Doritos)
  • The winter makes me set new records for snoozing my alarm clock.
  • …. Which is why I haven’t worn make-up to work in two weeks. (Sorry co-workers)
  • Dressing for winter takes a lot longer and a lot more thought than summer outfits
  • I can’t wait for the new season of the Bachelor Jan 2, even though Ben creeps me out

Okay, that is all. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!

hair fail


Sooo there was this one time I decided I wanted change and in attempt ended up dying my hair almost black… o wait, that was last night. Ugh.  So far today I have shampooed my hair 5 times. The box says it takes 28 shampoos, and I plan on reaching that number by tomorrow night. The girls’ hair on the box looks way better than mine.

It could have something to do with the fact I left it on for 12 minutes longer then I was supposed to. It actually wasn’t my fault.  I was keeping a close eye on the clock when my mom came home right at 10 minutes and yelled at me for dying my hair and something about the carpet.. yada yada. 12 minutes later I had her calmed down and also the beginning stages of Karadasian brown hair. I ran into the shower to try to quickly wash out the dye, but it was too late.


group workouts rant.


Sorry in advance because I am about to go into rant mode.

First off I will touch on Body Pump.  Yes it is a wonderful class, and it makes your push yourself; however, here is what annoys that crap out of me during class.

1. Dear man behind me, why must you continue to slam your weights on the ground after every set. I am pretty sure everyone else around you has been setting them down, yes.. setting NOT slamming. Not to mention the group workout room is on the second floor. Sucks for everyone underneath us too.

2. Is it required that you be a singer to teach Body Pump? Every instructor I have ever had feels the need to belt out, Miley Cirus style during our exercises. Please stop.

Moving on to Zumba

3. Why must you make up spastic random dances that no one can follow. The point of the exercise, yes, keyword there exercise is to be constantly moving and burning calories. Wrong. Everyone in the class was standing there looking at each other like WTF is going on right now. I felt like home girl was at a dance club and we were all trying to guess what move she was going to do next. C’mon lady, atleast say something; you closing your eyes and putting your fingers to your ear like your justin beiber isn’t helping.

That is all

pump it up

Happy Tuesday everyone. Hope everyone has had a wonderful week so far. We’re almost half way to the weekend! yahoo

So last night I decided I needed to get out of my gym slump. Instead of hitting up the elliptical, I ventured into body pump class. I forgot how much I enjoyed this class. Back in college, aka 1 year ago, we had the best classes at our gym in town. Ever since I have been back, I haven’t seemed to find a class I liked. Body pump was a great combination of free weights + cardio without making me feel like I was going to die. Another thing I dislike is boring slow classes… (cough) yoga. Now I know a lot of people swear by yoga, but I can’t sit still/be quiet for that long and listening to that music puts me to sleep.  I guess pump was successful on my body because my legs are screaming at me!

body pump

After pump, was the Bachelor Pad finale. All 3 freakin’ hours. You better believe I watched every second. Thank God Vienna sausage and frog boy were voted off. I couldn’t stand to listen to them one more second. Oh, and Ben’s season of the bachelor is going to be the worst ever. Why couldn’t they have picked Micheal or William? Whatever, I say this now, but I’ll probably be watching it every week.


What were your thoughts on last night’s finale?

labor day weekend


Hope that everyone had a great long weekend! I sure did. Well football season has officially begun, along with the beginning of fall. Friday I was sweating my butt off and yesterday morning I needed a long-sleeved shirt. Hmmm. GA weather is so strange. I just hope fall is more than 2 weeks this year. I think we went from summer right into winter last year.Ok, moving on.

Friday night I got to hang out with my old roomies. We met up and went to My Pie for dinner and headed to downtown Roswell for drinks. We found ths perfect little nook and sat outside on a swing, sipping on tropical martinis while overlooking all the town. They even had live music playing. It was so neat!  The rest of the evening was spent in dt Roswell catching up and fending off creepers.

On Saturday during the day I made some healthified cupcakes(recipe to follow), watched football and made a trip to Target. After the cupcakes were done I met up with Cathleen to go get some BBQ. We arrived back to her house just in time for kick off the Georgia game. Looks like it is going to be another pathetic season.

Sunday was one of the best rainy lazy Sundays ever. My day consisted of Dirty Dancing, Subway, cupcakes, The Break Up, more cupcakes, I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry and some Zaxby’s and Pinterest, in that order. It was awesome.


Today, Labor Day, was spent running errands with my mom and watching the weather channel. Something about bad weather makes you glue yourself to the weather channel for hours. The rain is nice change. I know our grass sure appreciates it; it’s lookin rough. This afternoon I ran out to the mall to pick up one thing and ended up with 3..4 things. My B. Hey, they were having good sales today! Anyways, it is almost time for the Bachelor Pad!! Eeek!

Healthified cupcakes

1 box yellow cake mix

1 can Diet Sprite

1 egg white

Mix all ingredients together and pour into cupcake wrappers. Bake according to directions on box. Top with whip cream or your favorite frosting. ENJOY!

der goes to flight school


After starting our relationship as a long distance couple, we spent our first two full years apart. We made our monthly weekend trips from NY to GA or vice versa to see each other, and stored up time on holidays. This past year we both were spoiled. Having both moved home after college, we worked part-time as we patiently waited on full-time jobs. The past year has been filled with more time together than we could have imagined.

As these past few weeks approached, it all began to hit us. The next two years will be spent 28 hours away(driving).There will be no more free flying for Der, because it expires when you graduate, and not nearly as much leave (military vacation) for him.

Well today was the first day of flight school for Der, which means the last 24 hours for us was full of  laughs and tears.  We spent all week apprehensive of that last moment, last night, when we had to say our goodbyes. It’s not easy saying goodbye to someone when you know this is just the beginning of many goodbyes in your future.

The first round of flight school takes place in Pueblo, CO. Once that round is complete Der will be heading out to Del Rio, TX. For those of you not familiar with Del Rio (aka everybody) it is a deserted town in south Texas, 8 miles from the border of Mexico. This will be Derek’s home for the next 2 years. yee haw

At first we thought that Derek would be coming home for a few weeks in between moves, but as of Monday, he might be heading almost straight there from CO.  :(   Who knows though,  the military is constantly changing their minds, lets pray that is the case. Just need to keep faith in that everything happens for a reason. Thanks for all the support from my friends and of course Der. Love you all.

“you were given this life because you were strong enough to live it”

Old Navy Savin Friday


I’m back. I promised I would tell you all about the movie, The Help, from Tuesday night–but first I have to tell you about my purchase..(s) today!

First stop was Old Navy. I have been staring down this brown leather bomber jacket from there for quite some time now. The darn jacket has not budged even a penny in price for over 3 weeks now, and you KNOW I am not payin full price. Anyway, so last night I saw a tweet from Old Navy saying 30% off friends and family any item in the store. I was so pumped. Today I headed over to Old Navy and saved almost $15 on the jacket. SCORE!

After Old Navy I swung by Rack Room and bought a new pair or brown boots and some striped navy flats. Buy one get one half off everyday. duh. I had to get both…I am not even ashamed. As I tried my boots on in the store my feet were sweating profusely. This desert heat has to stop. C’mon fall, I already have my boots ready!

cuter in person. those are stripes btw


Now  on to The Help movie review I promised. We decided to see the movie at one of those trendy studio grille places with a Groupon we had. Not impressed. Yes, it is nice to eat in the movie; however, the waiters and food delivery were a total distraction. As far as the movie goes, I would give it a 7. It was pretty lengthy, about 2 1/2 hours, and was definitely not as good as the book. typical. I would recommend it to someone who had not read the book, but if you have, don’t be surprised when you’re let down a little.